Whoo​p Events

Email for an initial inquiry: [email protected]

PLEASE - check out this page BEFORE you contact us. It gives an idea of who we are, what we do & why. It details rates, manages expectations and is a response to the most FAQs. We aim to respond within 48 hours. Include your company name, phone number, the wedding service you offer & shows you're interested in. 

Our shows

Wondering if our wedding shows are right for you? 

Thanks for considering our shows as part of your business strategy to get the bookings you want and need. We'd start off by asking if we're right for each other. No one wedding show suits every bride or supplier and we unashamedly aim for the middle ground. Our shows are too small for a few, too large for others. Importantly, they seem to be just about a perfect size for the vast majority.

Our rates

Initially, prices start from £175 for a 4' table / 6' space. There's no VAT. Most popular by far is a 6' table or 8' space at £200. We MAY consider a lower price if something very unusual is offered or is considered a niche market. Going forward, you qualify for multi-show discounts and a further discount if you pay in full when booking. You're not allowed to share your space with others and to offer the wedding services we've discussed and agreed.

What do I get for my money?

We believe in great value. There are cheaper AND more expensive options out there. With cheap shows particularly, there just isn't a budget to promote them and is in part why they aren't usually busy. We don't charge more for tables, chairs, cloths or electricity. We have dedicated staff to help at shows - particularly useful when it gets busy. With cage trolleys to help get your show gear to and from your stand, we help make the day as simple, fun and productive for you as we can. That's why our level of repeat bookings remains at over 90%.

I'm new to wedding shows - are your events right for me?

Quite possibly 'YES'. If you don't know yet, the most difficult show is a really quiet one - it's draining to stand on-duty hour-on-hour. Time flies at busier shows as you focus on the present. We've a few ground rules - let us know if you can't attend a show and make payments by due dates so we don't have to chase. During shows, don't encroach on your neighbour's display or interrupt them when they're in action. Get up and out from behind your display and be ready to greet people with a smile. Don't be daunted; our events are REALLY friendly and we work with absolutely wonderful suppliers.

A little about the shows & quotas

We lay rooms out so every supplier has an equal opportunity to meet the footfall - we believe there are NO bad places to stand. We help identify who's getting married. We've a track record for spreading footfall quite evenly across shows. We limit how many suppliers offer each type of wedding service; this ensures couples get the choice and variety they want and suppliers have a fair opportunity to get the bookings they need to justify their investment of time, effort and money. Sorry photographers - as much as we sympathise, we must forewarn that we rarely have openings.

Late cancellations

If a show's full when you inquire, you're welcome to wait-list for a cancellation. It's on the understanding we may contact you at short notice. You're offered a 33% discount. We'd like and expect a quick reply so we can plan, even If you can no longer make the date.


We hope our info encourages you to contact us. Even if we can't do business now, perhaps next season? Book a show and you usually have first refusal when the date for the next show is announced AT THAT VENUE. We typically provide 7 days for you to complete the booking process.